Creating In-House Hardware

Creating In-House Hardware

MachineWise is now making hardware in-house! 

Our new hardware is machined from 17-4 H900 Stainless Steel at 40 Rockwell C. We use a 6-64 thread and have upgraded to a T15 Torx head. 

If you have been following MW products, you may be aware that we have recently updated our hardware. Pictured is our original hardware (right), MW hardware V1 (middle), and MW hardware V2 (left). Our hardware has always had a 6-64 thread, as the ultra fine pitch provides more clamping force and a greater resistance to loosening. While T10 is an industry standard, we believe T15 will provide a greater resistance to stripping, which is our most common warranty service. After releasing the V1 hardware, we received customer feedback that it could be stripped if insufficient pressure was applied to the driver. Thus we improved upon this design for the V2 hardware by increasing socket depth.

Products have shipped with all three revisions of our hardware; if you have any issues please do not hesitate to send it in with a completed warranty form and we will replace your hardware (we will not be replacing undamaged hardware).

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