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All MachineWise products come with a lifetime warranty. For FAQs, scroll down. If you have any other questions, please complete the contact form below, or email us at You can also call or text 949-306-4831 during our operational hours from 11am - 7pm MST.

2328 E Van Buren St, Phoenix AZ 85006

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When do MachineWise products drop?

Wednesday at Noon (MST)! Check the MachineWise Instragram (@machinewise) or Reddit (u/machinewise) throughout the week for a teaser of what will be included in the drop. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to never miss a drop!

What issues are covered under the MachineWise lifetime warranty?

We will correct any and all manufacturing defects, including (but not limited to) titanium anodization blemishes, sharpening defects, and machining errors. In addition, we stand by our product’s performance when used with care. We will gladly replace stripped screws and service any of our balisongs. If your MachineWise product needs any repairs, fill out the contact form above to receive instructions on sending us your balisong.

Issues that are a product of poorly executed modifications are not covered under our warranty. For more information please use the contact form above or see the below tab on aftermarket modifications.

What MachineWise products are currently in production?

In Production Cycle: Serif, SlifT V2, Prysma V2

On Hiatus: Opus, Prysma 

Discontinued: Maryn, Maryn Lite, fifT, Delta 4, SlifT V1

What are our pivots torqued to, and do we use threadlocker?

We torque our pivots to 3 N-m and do not suggest the use of threadlocker on the pivots.

Do NOT use Threadlocker on the weight system screws!

Warranty Claim Form

To submit a warranty claim please downoad the warranty doc, fill it out, and email it to

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