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Finishing Technician

Job Title: Finishing Technician
Job Type: Full Time (40 hr./ week) [Mon-Fri]
Job Location: In-person, Phoenix, Arizona
Start Date: Flexible
Compensation Range (Salary): $16 - $20 /hr  
Job Description:

We are looking for a new team member that will take on our growing front of shop responsibilities. We are open to a range of experience levels, as long as you have the motivation and a detail oriented mindset we can train you up to the level of expertise needed. The starting pay for this position will depend on your experience level with balisongs, manufacturing and knives in general. 

MachineWise Culture:

MachineWise is staffed by a small, extremely passionate team of employees. Each employee works diligently to provide customers with high quality products at an affordable price point. To do this each team member contributes to the quality control of our products, catching blemished products in production and communicating with the team to reduce future issues. Our goal is to have fun, eat good food and laugh while putting together the best products we can. 

 Primary Responsibilities:

You will be trained in all the following processes.

  • Tumble freshly machined components. Blades, handles, etc.
  • Identify visual imperfections on parts
  • Anodize titanium a variety of colors
  • Sharpen blades
  • Blast parts in a blasting cabinet
  • Polish parts using various abrasives and polishing compounds
  • Heat treat blades
  • Surface grind blades
Occasional Responsibilities:
  • Fiber Laser Operation
  • Titanium anodization)

Note the following experience is a plus but not a requirement for applying to this position.

  • A core understanding of small measurements and tolerances
  • Ability to use and read 6” calipers and 1” micrometers
  • A fundamental understanding of how to sharpen a blade and what makes a blade sharp
  • Experience in and around a machine shop/metal fabrication shop
  • Experience in tumbling, blasting, polishing, and applying various finishes to metal
  • An understanding of surface grinding
Key Requirements:
  • Self motivated with a strong work ethic
  • Ability to show up on time
  • Reliable transportation
  • High attention to detail and a strong sense of pride in your work
  • Paid Holidays
  • Unlimited PTO (Per manager approval)
  • 100% Company funded insurance
  • Employee discounts

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