The Infinite Twist Pen

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Our first pen! 

The ROTA is a machined titanium twist pen made inhouse at MachineWise. It employs our infinite twist mechanism where a quarter turn clockwise of the end knob deploys the pen. To retract a pen simply continue to turn the knob clockwise.  



Body: Grade 5 Titanium 

Tip: Grade 5 Titanium 

Twist Knob: Grade 5 Titanium 

Clip: Grade 5 Titanium 

Dowel Pins: Stainless Steel 

Donut & Plunger: Machining Brass 

OAL Length: 5.125 in

Body Max Diameter: 0.40 in

Max Height (Clip): 0.50 in

Weight: 1.10 oz

Refill: Parker

Currently shipping with a shmidt P 900 M


Customer Reviews

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Julian L.
The ROTA Pen

Very nice design, it looks different from anything out there. It has a very good feel in the hand. Not heavy and well balanced. The action is very nice and it writes smoothly enough. It is an investment, but the quality is there. Definitely recommend.

jordan levy
very cool pen

the spinny mechanism used is one of the most fun to fidget with that ive played with and be real smooth and the thick casing feel big satisfying to hold and grippy my only complaints is when its in the open position the grove in the mechanism to keep it in the locked open position isnt very deep so i find it requires a lot more effort to open it than to close it so sometimes i will be opening it and spin too far since the notch isnt very deep and end back up in the closed position my only other complaint is the refill it comes with or at least the one mine came with was kinda mediocre not bad but i’ll definitely be replacing it with something nicer its still the best pen i own by far but i think with a little tweaking it could be even better and also maybe an al version in the future to make it more accessible price wise cause 180 is kinda a lot for most people to drop on a pen

lance blair
Twisting is therapy

If you are a pen clicker you will love the Rota, it is buttery smooth to twist the top round and round to your mind can wander freely while you hand use pent up energy.
Closing the pen is a light touch and fast.
I swapped a purple gel Monteverde refill and love everything about my Rota.

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Infinite Twist

Our mechanism was designed for maximum figetibility and fun. One hand deployment and a great sound.


Manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona

In-house customization

In the future we hope to add customization options to the ROTA.