So you got a MachineWise balisong and now you need to maintain it?

Below we have a couple of helpful videos for maintaining your balisong. Note that our channel balisongs should not need disassembly for some time. We use hardened steel washers, which will last much longer than comparable phosphor bronze washers. Typically just cleaning your pivots and re-lubing them is all that is required to keep your knife flipping great for years to come!

We DO NOT RECOMMEND dissassembling your MachineWise balisong. They are tuned to a very tight tolerance and you may not be able to return your tune to factory specifications when reassembling yourself. If you insist on disassembling your balisong please retorque the pivots to 3 N-m during reassembly.

Carbon Honey

At MachineWise we assemble all our balisongs with Carbon Honey thin in our exclusive Orange Creamsicle scent. For a factory preforming tune please use Carbon Honey thin or comparable lubricant on your pivots.

Carbon Honey

Aftermarket Modifications

For any aftermarket customization services for your balisong, we recommend working with XKKnives (@XKKnives) or b.a.balis (@b.a.balis). Machinewise knives and trainers modified by these professionals will retain our lifetime warranty.

Non-permanent modification such as inserts, custom spacers and weights do not affect our lifetime warranty.

Channel Maintence Guide

Chanwich Maintence Guide