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Hardware Kit (or individual parts)

Hardware Kit (or individual parts)

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We are now making hardware in-house using 17-4 H900 Stainless Steel. This hardware features a T15 screw head and holds to our stringent tolerances. 

-The new T15 screws are not compatible with old pivots-

Complete pivot hardware replacement kit includes:

2 x 1/4 hardened stainless bushings

4 x Hardened stainless washers (or PB washers)

2 x Stainless Sexbolts

2 x Stainless T15 screws

Our bushings are carefully hand-tuned to the tenth to provide your MachineWise balisong with excellent tolerances and performance. Before purchasing hardware, please take note of the current configuration of your balisong. When a balisong is assembled with Phosphorus Bronze (PB) washers, the bushing embeds itself into the washer face. This embedment results in the bushing behaving as if it was shorter and the tune tightening. PB washers should be replaced during every disassembly to ensure a proper tune without bind. For an assembly that uses Stainless Steel (SS) washers, embedment does NOT occur. SS washers can be reused indefinitely when servicing a balisong. When a balisong assembled using PB washers is switched to SS, you can expect increased play. If the assembly is switched from SS to PB, bind may occur when fully torqued. 

In our experience, a balisong that is changed from PB to SS washers will retain full functionality with a slightly looser tune. If you have updated a MachineWise product and are not satisfied with the tune, we would be happy to resize the bushings and re-tune in-house.


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