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At MachineWise we strive to maintain a very high level of quality control. This has led to the collection of various components that do not meet our standard or miss the mark for a customer requested finish. Instead of scrapping these parts we have collected a small store of random handle/blade types and finishes. These range from simply missing the mark on a targeted anodization to moderate cosmetic issues. 

This brings us to the Mystery balisongs. Whenever we get a free moment various employees around the shop have been grabbing a RANDOM assortment of components (i.e. 4 different colored Serif handle halves + a SlifT Blade) and assembling them into fun flippers. These balisongs/Trainers all are tuned to MW standards and are exceptional flippers. They just look a little odd. 

MARYN PLATFORM: compatible with Opus/SlifT/Prysma/Maryn blades

Note a mystery balisong/trainer will always come with a matched set of handle types (i.e. you will not receive a Serif handle + a SlifT handle paired to a blade).

This order product will restock occasionally as we have more mystery balisongs to offer. 


Check out the configurator to purchase a MachineWise balisong or trainer built to your specifications. 

***Blems are small cosmetic "issues" that do not effect performance in any way***

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Zachary Parham
The Quality and Tuning is top notch, Just buy it.

This is my first Machinewise product, It does not disappoint. This Bali's Name is Todd. A speed channeled Prisma pro is what the card says, although I think its actually a SC Prisma or Maybe a SC Prisma v2 because it doesn't have the rounded handles. But honestly, I don't care that much about what the card says it may or may not be.

Todd, Is now my Favorite flipper so far. I own a Talisong Z, a Squiddy, a Vulp Pro, a Kersaw Lucha and now this one. This balisong's torlerances are just on a whole other level compared to them. It is so light and effortless to flip, It makes me want a SlifT or a Serif.

I got my Menagerie Balisong in the mail and was just stunned out right out of the box with the 3d printed case. There are 0 issues with play or tap. If I had never bought this, I would have guessed that I would have hated speed channels because of the chime like ring. I have become infatuated by the ringing or sound it makes while flipping.

Moving on to the defects that were indicated on the card; I looked all over and couldn't even find them on the balisong. Maybe I just don't have as fine a eye as the workers at MachineWise, but its great to know they hold their work to such a high degree of criticism.

Tldr- Buy a Menagerie when they become available, Amazing deal for the quailty balisong you are going to get. The defects are minor and really don't matter if you plan to actually flip the balisong.


Let me start off by saying that I have been in the balisong hobby about 18 months. I have fallen in love with flipping and the craftsmanship behind these amazing knives. I now have a small collection including Squid, FF, but I own all of Machinewise's products except the Maryns, and the amount of attention to detail and care they put into their balis is incredible! From the Prysma to the Serif they all feel so nice in the hands and flip great while each offering a different but integrated experience. Definitely my favorite maker and I'm always excited to what they come up with 10/10 5 stars A+