Lasering Logos

Lasering Logos

Welcome back! 

We have recently gotten some questions about the logos and serialization of our products. I hope the following post can address those questions and enlighten any of our curious followers! 
Serif V1, Opus, SlifT V2, Prysma Pro
The above image shows the lineup of marking processes we have used up to now across a range of our products. From right to left you have: mill engraved, laser marked, laser engraved and once again mill engraved. Note that Prysma's are an outlier as they receive the logo engraving during the finish milling process. The rest of our products do not get logo's or serialization until they have past our initial quality control checks. 
The following images should provide you with a closer look at the marking produced by each technique. At MachineWise we are constantly looking for areas to improve with hopes of providing you, the customer, with the best possible product.

Serif engraved using Tormach PCNC 440


Opus marked using a Fiber Laser


SlifT V2 deep engraved using a Fiber Laser

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