MachineWise Update

MachineWise Update

Holy cow time flys!

We are already in the second month of the new year and we have some super cool projects in the works. We recently announced the launch of our new product, the Sonora, a button lock integral folder. As we have broadened our portfolio with products outside of balisongs such as the Sonora folder and ROTA pen, we have received questions about our direction and future. At MachineWise we are balisong flippers, knife enthusiasts, and collectors. Each of our products is made not in the hopes of chasing a quick buck, but from a place of passion and personal drive. We design the products we would like to own and see in the market. Additionally, a more diverse collection of products allows us to bring more people into the MachineWise family and community, allowing us to continue to grow and push the limits of performance. Balsiongs will always be at the core of MachineWise, being the foundation of our brand and community. To that end, we have some exciting things in the works for the balisong community that will be realized in 2024. 

In other news, the SlifT is NOT discontinued. The SlifT is made on our BROTHER Speedio CNC mill. This mill is also Deylan’s favorite mill to use while prototyping new products. Hence, during the prototyping of the Sonora, the SlifT has been out of production. We are planning on bringing back the SlifT as soon as an inventory of folders is built up. 

Finally, I hope you all have an amazing valentine’s day! 

Much love,

The MachineWise team

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