SlifT V2

The SlifT V2 marks the return of the SlifT with a minor facelift and the addition of some cool features that have become a mainstay of our balisong lineup. We retained the blade profile and a very similar balance to the original. The hardware-based weight system was added to the handles, and the machining tolerances brought up to our current standards.

Reviving a Legend

Bringing back a much-loved knife is always a challenge. Often it is more difficult a task than simply creating a new design. However, the MachineWise community fell in love with the original SlifT. The SlifT V2 is a compromise between staying true to its roots and making something representative of our current design philosophy.

Inside the SlifT V2

The SlifT V2 is a tank of a balisong. The channel titanium handles can take significant abuse, and the blade is deceptively durable. The SlifT V2 is our recommendation for a ultra rugged trainer or titanium beater.

Maryn Platform

All available knives and trainers at MachineWise run on Maryn Platform. This means all our handles and blades are interchangeable!