Shop Reflections - 8/31/23

Shop Reflections - 8/31/23

Welcome back to our budding blog. I hope you are having a wonderful day and a great summer. As this is an early post in our history, I figured it would be a good time to introduce the MachineWise team, and to take a look at where MachineWise is today. 

MachineWise is a small business with only five employees currently. We’ll start at the top with Deylan, MachineWise owner and wizard of all things machining. Deylan started MachineWise in 2020 after being fed up with working for others. This video created by our friends Will and Brandon A History of Machinewise provides a great overview of our history to date. Next up is Jacob, our resident machinist! Jacob is responsible for running most of the back end of the shop day-to-day. He gets the products you love machined and tumbled so that they are ready for the front of house to finish and assemble. That brings us to William, our assembly and finishing savant. William spends each week finishing and assembling over 60 knives and trainers for you to enjoy. Kaela takes care of the website and product photography, giving you the best look at what products will be available in any given week. Finally, there’s Martín, mechanical engineer and knower of things! Martin wears many hats at MachineWise, and often assists with assembly, customer support, and website updates in addition to designing and prototyping new products.

This week has been very exciting as we have a couple developments to share with you. Firstly, Deylan has made a mad push to optimize our machining processes, and that means our production capacity has increased! Prysma V1’s will be returning to be produced alongside the PRO’s! SlifT’s will stay in production and Serifs will be returning soon. That will give us four models running together and available across the pricing spectrum. This also gives us more bandwidth to tackle four upcoming projects that we are excited to share soon. Stay tuned for updates from MachineWise at Blade Show WEST.  Secondly, our lathe is now producing quality parts. The second revision of our hardware is in full production, and we should be able to fulfill outstanding hardware orders soon. With the introduction of inhouse hardware and our push to produce even more products, we have had to take a moment to revise quality control procedures for this new volume of production. Quality Control is something our whole team participates in; each product is checked over several times in the process, from the individual components to the final assembly. 

We look forward to continuing to update our customers as this business grows, and we hope to meet many of you at Blade Show West!


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