As a refresh of the original Maryn Lite design, the Prysma was developed to be as affordable as possible without skimping on ANY features. The Prysma has fully textured faces for the best grip possible with removeable bottom weights to adjust the balance. These features are paired with a hardened stainless trainer blade with bite handle indicator and chamfered spine.

Inside the Prysma

The Prysma is the gateway to MachineWise balisongs but that does not mean it is held to a lower standard. Our assembly team is relentless in ensuring each Prysma leaves the shop with perfect tolerances and will provide premium flipping performance.


The Prysma walks a fine line of offering a full suite of features and keeping the price point accessible Even more importantly, the Prysma signifies MachineWise's commitment to keeping our knives available with weekly drops in large volume.

Did you know the Serif and Prysma are the same weight? Additionally, a medium brass Serif weight is equivalent to a pivot and screw.

Maryn Platform

All available knives and trainers at MachineWise run on Maryn Platform. This means all our handles and blades are interchangeable!