Prysma PRO

This is our third take on an aluminum balisong. We took everything we liked about the Prysma and brought in loved elements of the Maryn Lite to make the next iteration in the Prysma line up.

The V2 has the same weight, weight system, and dimensions as the V1, but now with rounded and textured faces.

Introducing the Prysma PRO now made with 7075 aluminum! These handles carry slightly more weight than the 6061 handles of the V2 and are more durable.

**The Prysma V2 has been discountined in 6061.**


Psst. Just a little hint to those who find themselves on this page. The Prysma V2 / PRO handles with a SlifT V2 or Serif blade may be our best flipping offering.


The Prysma was developed as an exercise in pushing our ability to offer excellent flipping performance at an affordable price point. The Prysma V2 / PRO is the next step in that road, offering something with higher end features at a marginally increased price.

Maryn Platform

All available knives and trainers at MachineWise run on Maryn Platform. This means all our handles and blades are interchangeable!